Bran Sorem

OpenROV, founded by Eric Stackpole, David Lang and Bran Sorem, is "a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure." The GUI is based on web technologies and hosted using a BeagleBone. The onboard computer runs Node.js and sends the GUI as a webpage to a connected browser, after which it communicates using, which also streams video from the onboard webcam.

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Design mockups

Studiolink is a DSLR camera controller hardware and software interface. First, you load the Android app onto your phone and plug in the home-built hardware. Then, you connect to the hardware via Bluetooth. Once the connection is established, you can control shutter functions on your Nikon or Canon DSLR. This is an extremely early version of the project. Currently, it only acts as an intervalometer, shutter release, and timer. We are currently working on new hardware that will allow us to stream Liveview from the camera and control all essential functions. The Android app is written in Java and the hardware uses an Arduino which is programmed in C++.